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"Our tale begins in the medieval land of SplitPaw, an enchanted fantasy Kingdom full of magic, where one of the greatest professions a young child can strive for is to become a hero!

We follow the adventures of Caleb, a young kitten who wants to be the greatest hero SplitPaw has ever known. Luckily for him and his friends, there is True Tail, a school for heroes-in-training. Within the school's mighty walls, a young hero can learn how to save a damsel, practice their swordsmanship, and discover what it takes to harness the magical energy permeating throughout the land. Together with Melody, Viktor Silvertod and Doh-Li, Caleb is going to discover the hero he was destined to be!"

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Waterwheel is a location within Splitpaw. Built by ingenious beavers, the city draws its power from enormous spinning wheels being turned by the ever flowing Cardinal River.

Did You Know?

  • ...that Doh-Li Ling was originally designed with blonde hair?
  • ...that True Tail is animated in the same style as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?
  • ...that Caleb Lightpaw's surname used to be "Truetail"?


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Concept art of Doh-Li Ling.


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The official reveal for the old version of True Tail


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